Extensive on-going market research activities encompassing consumer & business topics, retail & wholesale, tariffs & regulation allowing worldwide benchmarking analyses, worldwide competitive analyses, market potential analyses and forecasting.

On-going research programmes, which allow to track, analyse and assess markets, players and innovative trends.

Focus: Emerging markets & innovations with a dedicated product line


Extremely wide range of topics related to all aspects of ICT and enterprise communication. All studies are carried out integrating an extensive documentation already in-house as well as extensive Primary and Secondary research.


A unique synergy — Market Research, Strategic Consulting and Global ICT & Engineering — allows InfoCom to provide support to any kind of player for a wide range of topics


The company network has become strategic to an organisation's ability to achieve its business objectives.

InfoCom provides a suite of consulting offerings that create value for our clients and their customers by exploiting the network and increasing the value of their business.

InfoCom provides you with services that save you time, money and resources.
Services are tailored to your needs and to your size.

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